About Us

Supporting Pupils with SEMH Difficulties in Bassetlaw

B.P.B.P. is a not-for-profit partnership supporting pupils (and families) with SEMH difficulties in Bassetlaw Primary schools.

Through operation of this behaviour partnership we are identifying and developing support that schools need in place to best meet the needs of identified SEMH pupils. Together we can target resources in a more proactive and preventative way.

We support 54 Bassetlaw Primary Schools (representing some 10,000 pupils) from across the district, working in a multi agency capacity.

Our experienced team support teachers, TAs, Head Teachers, Parents, medical professionals and most importantly, children!

Key to our purpose is the reduction in exclusions. We believe that by working together, children’s needs can be quickly identified and met meaning that they achieve their full potential.

We are a non-for-profit partnership supporting pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties in Bassetlaw Primary schools.

Protocol for the BPBP

The purpose of the BPBP is to ensure that decisions around funding, training for schools, support and managed moves for pupils with challenging behaviour in Worksop Town, Elizabethan, Retford Oaks, Tuxford and Serlby Park Families are fair and transparent.


Ensure parity of provision for pupils with similar levels of need

Develop a shared understanding of challenging behaviour

Work together to provide schools with the necessary skills to support pupils with challenging behaviour

Meet The Team

B.P.B.P. Strategic Team

Name Address Contact Details
Richard Lilley
Worksop Family of Schools Representative
Director B.P.B.P
Sparken Hill Academy
John Birch
Serlby Park Family Of Schools Representative
Head teacher
Misson Primary School
Louise Musson
Serlby Park Family of schools SENCO
Serlby Park Academy
Jo Cook
Elizabethan Family Of Schools Representative
Head Teacher
Hallcroft Infant and Nursery school
Fiona Wilson - MacCormack
Elizabethan Family Of Schools SENCO
Carr Hill Primary School
Karen Slater
Worksop Family of Schools SENCO
St Anne's C of E  Primary School
Sally Truseler
Retford Oaks Family SENCO Representative
Retford Oaks Secondary School
Allison Cowell-Clarke
Retford Oaks Family Of Schools representative
Head teacher – Clarborough Primary School
Chris Marsh
Tuxford Family of Schools Representative
Elkesley Primary & Nursery School
Stuart Philpott
Tuxford Family Senco
Tuxford Academy
Ruth Screeton
Bassetlaw District Senco

Contact Our Team Today

Call 01909 534072 or Email Admin@bpbp.co.uk