ECT Training Event

Course Date and Time: 07/02/2024 9:30am

Course Location: Sparken Hill Academy

Morning Session

“Surviving your first year – Positive management strategies”

The morning session will be led by Sue Sparks & Sally Chandler from the BPBP and is open to ECTs and other staff members working with challenging pupils.  The training session will highlight some of the common classroom behaviours, explain the root cause of some behaviours and share LOTS of practical strategies for managing these behaviours!

Afternoon session

Julie Hayes “Sensory Solutions”

We are a non-for-profit partnership supporting pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties in Bassetlaw Primary schools.

Speaker: Sue Sparks & Sally Chandler from BPBP

Sue Sparks and Sally Chandler will be running the morning session “Surviving your first year – Positive Management strategies” and Julie Hayes will be running the afternoon session focusing on ‘ Sensory solutions’.